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  Essentials of Network Administration

LCC Course Number: CS 279
Course Title: Essentials of Network Administration
Credits: 4
Course Description: Provides students with an in-depth understanding of key networking concepts and tools enabling them to be successful in the more advanced networking courses and as networking professionals.
Prerequisites: CS 179

Course Syllabus and Major Resources

Text: Networking 101: An Introduction To Networking, by Don Colton
Skills: Quizzes testing skill with Numbers, Subnets, VLSM
LMS: DCQuiz Learning Management System (Gradebook / Exams)

TermMonthsSyllabusStudy Guide
2017 Winter(Jan-Mar) Syllabus Study Guide
2016 Spring(Mar-Jun) Syllabus Study Guide

Text Book (n101): Networking 101

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Title: Networking 101: An Introduction To Networking
Author: Don Colton
PDF: 275+ pages
Publisher: Don Colton (2012-2013)
ISBN: none
Suggested Retail Price: Free

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SN (q25) Skill with Number Conversion Tutorial
SS (q50) Skill with IPv4 Subnets Tutorial
SV (q52) Skill with VLSM Subnets Tutorial

Don Colton CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate

My CCNA Certification CCNA Certified (2010 to 2013)

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